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Cannot get Excel 2013, 2010 working for you: we can help. We can train you, in your office or home and cater to your specific needs MS Excel 2013, 2010 & Excel 2007 Training
What makes us so successful? Our hands-on personal training approach with top-notch certified, expert instructors.

MS Excel 2013, 2010 Training & Course Outlines Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario

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Listed below are some set topics in MS Excel 2013, 2010 & 2007. We also customize onsite courses in the Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, GTA Ontario areas. If people are already using Microsoft Excel we can make very rapid progress through many topics
Blog MS Excel 2010 Training Toronto Mississauga Hamilton

Please select the Microsoft Excel 2010 & 2007 topics that interest you.
Contact us or call (905) 271 1119 for more information about courses. If there is an Excel topic not listed please let us know and we can add it to the agenda

MS Excel Training Toronto Mississauga

Microsoft Excel – Training Fundamentals
Training Topic A: Microsoft Excel basics
The workbook/worksheet environment
The specifications of Worksheets
Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 comparison of the programs

Training Topic B: Formatting a worksheet in Microsoft Excel
Formatting the worksheets
Various number formats and text alignment options
Copying and pasting formats (Format Painter)
Special and custom formatting
Insert & Modify Comments in MS Excel

Training Topic C: Entering data and navigating in a worksheet
Entering and correcting data in MS Excel worksheets
Editing cell contents
Saving a file
Navigation and movement techniques – shortcut keys

Training Topic D: Formulas & Functions in Microsoft Excel
Creating formulas (SUM, COUNT, MAX, AVERAGE, MIN etc)
Working with built-in functions
Absolute references in Excel formulas
Creating & working with Named Ranges

Training Topic E: Moving and copying data
Inserting rows and columns in MS Excel 2010, 2007
Moving data from cell to cell
Copying data (values and/or formulas)
Using the Fill Series feature (to create logical sequences)

Training Topic F: Printing a worksheet
Checking spelling in MS Excel
Using the Print Preview command and & page breaks

Training Topic G: Multiple worksheets
Setting up and using a multiple-sheet workbook
Inserting new worksheets

Microsoft Excel – Training Level 2 Intermediate
Training Topic A: Creating Column, Bar & Pie charts etc.
Creating charts in MS Excel
Creating an embedded chart
Comparing chart worksheets with embedded charts

Training Topic B: Modifying charts in Microsoft Excel
Chart types – Column, Bar, Line, Pie etc.
Modifying embedded charts
Adding and deleting chart items such as values & labels
Moving and sizing chart items

Training Topic C: Formatting a chart
Formatting bar, column or line chart text in MS Excel
Formatting labels
Changing the format of a chart
Printing a chart sheet

Training Topic D: Using graphic objects in Microsoft Excel
Drawing graphic objects
Formatting graphic objects – Fill colour & line colour
Using graphic objects to enhance worksheets and charts

Training Topic E: Sorting data
Setting up Single-level sorting in MS Excel
Multiple-level sorting
Sorting options
Design considerations re the data table

Training Topic F: Filtering data in Microsoft Excel
Setting up and Filtering a list
Custom criteria options (AND versus OR)
Multiple-condition criteria (Advanced Filter)
Managing a filtered list

Training Topic G: Useful Functions
SUMIF to sum by specified criteria or label
SUBTOTAL function creates the formulas automatically

Microsoft Excel – Training Level 3 Advanced
Training Topic A: Customizing the Work Area
Working with Built-in Toolbars in MS Excel
Using Custom Toolbars
Creating and Using Styles
Using Templates to save time

Training Topic B: Advanced Formula Construction
Using Named Ranges in formulas in MS Excel
Using the IF Function (multiple nested IFs are possible)
VLOOKUP Function to retrieve data
HLOOKUP Function to retrieve data
Using IS Functions to spot errors
Auditing the worksheet

Training Topic C: Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel
Creating Pivot Tables for analysis
Modifying Pivot Tables
Grouping and Summarizing Data in a Pivot Table
Training Topic D: Working with Multiple Worksheets
Working with Workbooks
Dynamic Linking Cells in Different Worksheets or Workbooks
Excel Workspaces

Training Topic E: Consolidating and Analyzing Data
Consolidating Data from More Than One Worksheet
3D formulas for identical worksheets
Goal Seek and Solver Utilities in MS Excel
Scenario Manager to View a Worksheet with Different Input Values

Training Topic F: Using Protection and View Options
Protecting cells from changes
Using Custom Views: see data a needed

Training Topic G: Introduction to Macros in Microsoft Excel
Running Macros
Recording a basic Macro

Please contact us or call 905 271 1119 for more information

Action eBiz offers Onsite Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007 & 2003 training and courses in Ontario, Toronto, Mississauga. In MS Excel 2010, 2007 & 2003 courses trainer covers MS Excel data analysis, Microsoft Excel Charts, MS Excel pivot tables, Microsoft Excel Graphs, MS Excel sorting and filtering, MS Excel database. Microsoft Excel training also includes MS Excel formulas, Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP Function for data automation, Microsoft Excel HLOOKUP Function for data automation, Microsoft Excel marketing and sales analysis and creating MS Excel formula. We offer MS Excel training in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Ontario, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Canada We offer customized MS Excel training for Employees, Managers, Executives involved in Financial, Accounting, Marketing, Sales etc.. in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ontario, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, Cambridge, Canada On-site Training Microsoft MS Excel Courses Trainer Toronto Mississauga Brampton Ontario

We also offer on site training in other Microsoft Office software: MS Project, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook

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Excel Training Toronto
Mississauga Ontario

MS Excel 2010 Training Toronto Mississauga Ontario

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